About HRS

Virginia Licensed Home Inspector

Licensed Virginia Home Inspector DPOR #3380000754

Hallmark 1. An official mark stamped on gold and silver articles indicating a standard of purity.2. Any mark or special indication of genuineness, good quality, etc.

True to its name, Hallmark Residential Services sets a standard of genuine integrity in the field of home inspectors. Karl Colbrunn, the owner of HRS, is a fully insured home inspector with an earnest commitment to his clients and their homes.

Hallmark Residential Services has been providing excellent service to home purchasers since incorporating in June 2002. Karl has been involved with the construction and housing industry field for over 30 years. Before HRS, Karl spent many years as a design professional, working closely with builders, contractors, architects, homeowners, and tradesmen as a consultant.

Additionally, Karl has purchased, rehabbed, and flipped seven homes, which has given him unique insight into the real estate industry.